Lipid Analyses

The DHA/EPA Omega-3 Institute has partnered with a fully equipped lipid and fatty acid laboratory with automated high performance gas-liquid chromatographic facilities for providing various types of lipid analyses (total lipid, phospholipids, others) including complete fatty acid analyses (all types/levels incl. omega-6, omega-3, DHA, EPA, etc).

University of Guelph Research Park Centre

The lab has been specializing in diverse lipid analyses, and omega-3 fatty acids in particular, since 1991 and is located within the University of Guelph Research Park in Guelph, Canada. Complete analyses can be provided on a wide range of biological samples (blood, tissues), extracts, foods (seafood, functional foods, etc.), supplements, and others.

The Institute can also serve the research needs for such analyses for various research and R & D groups including research scientists, graduate students, or government institutions. We have provided analyses for academic and research scientists/institutions, governmental agencies, private and public clinical organizations, the pharmaceutical/supplement sectors, and food/nutrition/nutraceutical groups in Canada, the US, and overseas.

Lipid Analytical Laboratories Inc.

SCC Accredited LAB
150 Research Lane, Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1G 4T2

LAL provides analytical and research services on a variety of lipid compositional parameters in human or animal feeding trials, as well as clinical research trials for medical centres and universities. From raw foods to processed suppliments, they serve a variety of indutries requiring validation, QC and other services related to lipids and fatty acid components.

For further information on these services, please contact Andrew Jenkins, Director of Lipid Analyses at the Lipid Analytical Laboratory (LAL) within the University of Guelph Research Park at or by phone at (519)-766-1510.